Thursday, 14 August 2014

4.1 Creating Content for a Blog Post

One to World Boot Camp

Welcome to Week to of the One to World Boot Camp at Korea International School. This week, we focus on communicating with your friends, teachers, parents...and the world.

Blogging is one very powerful way in which we can do this, and is therefore the focus of our activities this week. We hope you enjoy what we have planned for you.

What is Blogging?

  1. It's like a journal or diary
  2. It can include:
  • images 
  • videos from YouTube, Vimeo and other sites
  • Google Docs, Presentations, Forms, Spreadsheets (we embed these using a code)
  • Links to other websites
Here is a YouTube clip that explains how 'the news' has changed since blogging became popular. 


In this first lesson for the week, you will draft a journal article. Your teacher may choose to change the topic, but here are our suggestions:

1. Write a journal article about your first week back at school
2. Write a journal article about your vacation

You can choose what App you will use to draft your post. You may choose to create a note in your 'Notes', or perhaps use a Google Doc, or even a note in Evernote (available in Self Service).

Extension...but Preparation for Lesson 4.3 (later this week)

Do you have any pictures? Maybe videos... You could use your video that you made last week if choosing to write about your first week back at school. Having these available for later in the week would be fantastic.

*Please note: All content (words, pictures, videos) you add must be your own (created by you). We will discuss using others' photos, videos, and website links in a future lesson.

Important Notice for Teachers

Please make a copy of this survey and add it to your Google Drive. You will need it for lesson 4.2 in order to collect the urls of your students' blogs.


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