Sunday, 31 August 2014

2.1 & 2.2 Schoology

One to World Boot Camp

In these lessons, students will learn the basics of Schoology. They will know how to post comments and discussions and will have the opportunity to practice these skills.

Session 1: Tour and practice with Schoology - Here are the aspects of Schoology your students should be familiar with:

  • The Home Screen:
    • Courses vs Groups - courses refer to the homeroom class and groups refer to clubs, specialists, etc.
    • Recent Activity - shows all updates from a student's courses and groups
    • Calendar
    • Messages
  • Homeroom Class Page:
    • Materials - assignments, resources
    • Upcoming - 
    • Updates - reading, posting, attaching files, commenting on (day 2 has a lesson on appropriate feedback)
    • Turning in assignments
Session 2: Appropriate Feedback for Schoology updates and discussions as well as Blogs - while students practice using the update and feedback features of Schoology it is a good time to discuss digital citizenship. Here are a few tips for students to understand when making public posts:
  • be positive and constructive - build the person up, don't try to knock them down
  • respect that you are commenting on another person's work
  • use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • avoid using emojis
  • reread your post before posting, just to be sure!


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