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Apple ID setup

Apple ID's are designed for the App Stores for all Apple Products. Like Android phones, this is how one gets Apps on Apple Devices.

KIS Self Service can make available (for loan) iOS and Mac applications. These are NOT on the devices forever, and are removed when the student leaves KIS.

Apple ID's give additional benefits. Communication between devices, Parent / Student reminders / shared calendars. Messaging. Online backup. Sharing.

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Getting started: 

Work on an Apple Device. Mac (on OS Yosemite 10.10.1 or higher) iPhone or iPad on iOS 8.1.1 or higher.

Visit this page for Apple's Official instructions:
These steps are shown from an iPhone.

Step 1: On your device go to Settings / iCloud. Sign in with a Parent's Apple ID.

Step 2: Go to Settings > iCloud > Family, and tap "Create an Apple ID for a child."

Step 3: Enter your child's birthday and tap Next. The birthday for a child's account can't be changed after the account is created. Be sure to enter the correct date.

Step 4: Review the Parent Privacy Disclosure and tap Agree.

Step 5: Enter the security code for your credit card and tap Next. If you don't have a credit card on file, you'll need to add one. After this step, the Credit Card information can be deleted from the account.

Step 6: Enter your child's name, tap Next, then create their Apple ID ( and tap Next.

Step 7: Follow the onscreen instructions to set a password, choose security questions, and set up your child's account. Choose passwords and security questions that you both can remember.

Tip:  Do not use a KIS email address.  This can be setup with any email address that the student already has, or Apple can provide a new, free email address.

Step 8:  Check your email!  There may be activation links from Apple, to finish the account setup.

Step 9:  Sign into iCloud on the Child's device.  Settings (or on Mac, System Preferences) / iCloud.  Use the student's new iCloud account.

Ensure that your Child knows their ID information, login & password.

Summary of an App Download with Family Sharing:

If my son wants an app, he goes to the App Store, and then Clicks the "Get" on a Free app, or "Buy" on the Paid App.

A request is sent to my iPad, iPhone, or Mac that is signed into my iCloud and App Store account.  
As a Parent, I can "Approve" or "Deny" the purchase.

The Credit Card is attached to my account, and the purchase does not go through unless I approve it.  This means, your credit card is secured.

  • Parents should have a passcode on their device that the child does not know. 
  • Parent should know their own Apple ID password, but the child should not know the Parent's password. (A purchase can be approved on the child's iPad, with the Parent's password.)
  • Ensure that 'Ask to Buy' is turned on on each child account in Family Sharing (in your iCloud Settings)


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