Tuesday, 9 December 2014

iPad Settings for Students

Here are the recommended settings for KIS Students for iPads.  Many of these settings need to be set on the device.

As KIS is an Apple environment, running many Google Apps for Education Services, there are many settings that need to be specifically set up.  Once these settings are set, the devices should share items neatly.

KIS Self Service

All student iPads should be setup by the KIS EdTech team or KIS IT Support desk to run Self Service.  This is where our iPads are managed, to assist the students to work affectively.  Self Service allows our devices to loan iOS Apps from KIS's Apple ID.  

This also allows teachers to support iPads from getting off task in the classroom using "CasperFocus", and assist students with forgotten lock passcodes.

Apple Settings:

General / About / Name:  Rename to Class followed by name. EX:  3B Connor Schultz
General:  Side Switch to Lock Rotation.

iCloud:  Sign into PERSONAL STUDENT Apple ID.  (Not KIS email)
iCloud Backup:  Turn to "On"

iCloud Drive:  Pages, Keynote.  Turn on Apps that you would like to have storage on your Personal iCloud Drive.

iTunes & App Store:  Sign into PERSONAL STUDENT Apple ID.
Updates:  Turn on Updates

Google Settings:

Mail, Contacts, Calendars: Add New, Select GMAIL, and add in your KIS Email details.


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