Thursday, 2 April 2015

Map Testing on iPad

The NWEA Map test works on our iPads.  In preparation for the Map Test, the EdTech team have been coming to the ES Classrooms to check that your iPads are ready to work.

Thing to check #1.

The Map Test uses Safari.  But also, it needs to be able to launch a Pop-up.  To fix this, have your students go to Settings / Safari / Block ups => off.

What do you need to do to start?

  • An iPad, with the CasperFocus App installed.  (Does not require your device to have Self Service, and it is a Free (Get) app
  • CasperFocus logged in with:
  • JSS URL:
  • and logged in with your class details
  • A few minutes to enter these website settings.

'Focusing' the iPads.

When you are ready to start, follow these steps.  Practice with a 'Focus' with the 'Warmup' website, prior to the Map Test.

Now the iPads will 'Focus'.

Safari will open and show 'Restricted Site'

Students can press 'Bookmarks' 

Success!  Tap the Bookmarks button, to go to full screen, and test away! 

After the test,

Remove the 'Focus'

If you forget to remove the focus, it will time out at 4 PM.


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