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3. Applied Task

1. Script your Video

Make a plan and script it. You choose which App you would like to use to do this. Include details about location and actors. Script all speech, but this can be changed when you actually film it. You will not need to read your script or use it while filming. Your script is just a plan and you can change it when filming. 

No scripts will be printed.

2. Shoot your video (using YouTube Capture)

Download a copy using your AppleID:

App Store button.jpeg
Click here to visit iTunes

or enter the following into your web browser on you iOS device -

Once installed, sign into You Tube using your school email address and password. Need help with your username/password? Email:

Step 1: Sign into your Google/YouTube account

A walkthrough Guide:

3. Upload your Video to YouTube

In YouTube Capture you can upload directly to your YouTube account. You have a YouTube account because you have a Google email account (i.e. your school email). Allow 10-15 minutes to upload it. 
Your YouTube Capture project should by UNLISTED when your upload it. This means that it is private and only those people with a link to your video can see it. 

4. Link your Video

Now that your YourTube video is uploaded, copy and paste the link to your class's Computer class in  Schoology. Anyone with access to your class in Schoology can view it. 
A selection of videos may be chosen to feature on the One to World You Tube Channel!


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