The Boot Camp

One to World Boot Camp

Welcome to One to World and welcome to Boot Camp. While at the beginning of our experiences in a 1:1 learning environment that utilises iPad technology, we are developing understandings about what is of great significance to our young learners. This is Boot Camp!

The Boot Camp is designed around the following modules:

Module 1: Care and Maintenance
1.1 Care and Maintenance
1.2 Account Setup and Backing Up
1.3 Applied Task

Module 2: Productivity
2.1.and 2.2 Schoology
2.3 Google Drive

Module 3: Digital Citizenship

Module 4: Blogging and Portfolio
4.1 Creating Content for a Blog Post
4.2 Setting Up Your Blog
4.3 First Blog Post
4.4 Sharing & Commenting
4.5 Reflection

Module 5: Web Literacy
5.1 Internet Searching: What's Real?
5.2 Search Functions
5.3 Creative Commons
5.4 Applied Task


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